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Baihana in "The First Time" at the Music Museum on June 17, 2011

The Thirdline, Inc. presents...

in "The First Time"
Music Museum (Greenhills, San Juan)
June 17, 2011 (Friday)
8:00 PM

Ticket Prices:
PhP 824.00
PhP 515.00

About the Show:

Good things come in threes, so often it is said. Baihana comes as clear undeniable proof that there is truth to this age-old saying. Mel Torre, Krina Cayabyab and Anna Achacoso are three lovely ladies who mix amazing three part harmony with humor and wit, to give you an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Baihana is derived from the Cebuano term that roughly translates to “Babae” or “Girl”. The driving charm that is the act of Baihana is derived from a mix of feminine humor and era jazz music. Influences of the Andrew Sisters, the Chordettes, and many other great jazz vocal groups are signature in Baihana’s music. These girls, however, are beyond just the music. Baihana is about fun, and each girl brings in their own personality into the mix to produce an act of wholesome but sometimes mischievous entertainment.

Krina Cayabyab is the musical force behind Baihana. Following the footsteps of her father, the offspring of Ryan Cayabyab does most of the vocal and musical arrangements of the group. She also sets to music their original songs, while her group mates, Mel and Anna, usually provide the lyrics. Testament to Krina’s musical lineage is her composition “Isaw”, which won an award during the 2010 FILSCAP Song Writing Festival in the novelty category. Krina’s persona onstage is often reserved and is normally caught between the volley of jokes and pokes between Anna and Mel, but given the right opening, Krina can throw her own little gem and light up the audience with laughter.

If Krina’s mind is the intelligence that defines Baihana’s music, Mel Torre could be identified as the meat in the group’s harmony. As the Alto of the group (Anna and Krina are Sopranos) its easy to distinguish Mel’s low-husky voice even within the intricate three-part harmonies of Baihana’s vocal arrangements. Her solos are strong and heart-felt, and it is easy to think that Mel can hold her own even against some of the country’s top soloists. But Mel is more than just her voice. She is funny in her own right, and has stunning versatility in the music she can sing. She also sings alto in her choir group, Anima, and switches to the blues with amazing ease, as the substitute vocalist for the Blue Rats.

The last ingredient in Baihana is Anna Achacoso, grandchild of the immortal Armida Seguion-Reyna. She is jokingly referred to as the “cute” one in the group. But that is much more essential to the group than one might first believe. Anna is the light-heart in this heavily musical formula. She provides much of the wit and humor that rounds out Baihana as an act. There is no doubt that she can sing, but her asset is her ability to laugh at herself, and, more often, at her other two counterparts. She’s quick with quips and side pokes that always pull out a suppressed giggle or a straight out guffaw from the audience, and the other members of Baihana. She glues the act together and is as indispensable as Krina’s musical leadership, and Mel’s grandiose vocals.

These three lovely ladies are a concoction of explosive fun. The music is impeccable, and the humor and wit are irrepressible. Whether you’re a devout follower of the era of 50’s and 60’s Jazz or are just an audience searching for entertainment after a hard day’s work, Baihana has something for everyone, and much, much, more.

For more information and to buy your tickets, please CLICK HERE.

You can also call Music Museum for details: (63-2)721-0635 or 721-6726

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