Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde & Chin Chin Gutierrez star in "Giselle" (one of the best loved ballets of all time), Aliw Theater, May 29 & 30, 2010

Aliw Theater
May 29, 2010 (Saturday) 7:30 PM
May 30, 2010 (Sunday) 3:00 PM

PhP 1,030.00 Super Premium
PhP 721.00 Gold
PhP 515.00 Silver
PhP 309.00 Bronze
PhP 154.50 General Admission

About the Event:

"Love conquers all-even those not bound by earthly frontiers.
This is the essence of Giselle, one of the most well loved ballets of all time.

Giselle is a beautiful romantic but tragic two act ballet based on a French tale of a peasant girl Giselle, who falls in love with a boy she believes to be a peasant as well. Giselle has a delicate condition and a weak heart so, although she loves to dance, her mother forbids her to do so. The peasant boy Giselle is in love with turns out to be the of noble blood, Albrecht who is engaged to be married to Bathilde (a duchess - to be played by Chin Chin Gutierrez). Giselle finds out of the betrayal and deception and her heart cannot take it. She loses her mind and dies of a broken heart.

Act 2 is set in the cemetery where Giselle is buried. A distraught Albrecht comes to visit her grave. Here, Giselle becomes a "Wili" or the ghosts of betrayed girls who die before their wedding day. The Wilis are said to haunt the cemetery and seek vengeance from men by making all men dance until they die. Giselle dances with Albrecht until dawn breaks. She forgives him and allows him to live.

The ballet ends with Giselle and Albrecht being parted forever as dawn breaks.

Giselle features prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde in the lead role with TV and movie personality Chin Chin Gutierrez as the duchess, Bathilde."

To check out the source of this article and to buy tickets, CLICK HERE.

I actually watched this... now I know why Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is a prima ballerina... totally outstanding!

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