Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Pinoy Musical Film "EMIR" in Theaters Nationwide on June 9, 2010

"EMIR," the Movie, full length trailer

Article from YouTube:

Catch "EMIR," the biggest original Filipino musical written for the screen... showing in theaters nationwide starting on June 9, 2010 (Wednesday).

"EMIR" tells the story of Amelia, a Filipina from Ilocos who decides to work abroad to help her family. She takes care of a future crown prince - Ahmed, the Sheik's son - rearing him, and in the process, introducing the young boy to the culture, values, and language of the Philippines.

More than a nanny, Amelia acts as Ahmed's surrogate mother and is even willing to offer her life to ensure his safety.

Her journey reveals, through words and music, the life that overseas Filipino workers live -- their struggles to have a better life... their dreams, and the hope that someday their hard work will finally be rewarded.

"EMIR" is thus far, the only movie to take on the heart and soul of the Filipino through our innate love for music.

It is a tribute to our OFWs... The hands that work, and toil in foreign lands, and yet have one home, one heart and one spirit."

Article from the "EMIR" Project Brief:

"Francheska Farr won the role of Amelia after Director Chito Rono conducted multiple auditions for the ideal actress/singer. "EMIR" will also feature an ensemble of theater, film and television luminaries. Among them are Dulce, Julia Clarete, Bayang Barrios, Gigi Escalante, Liezl Batucan, Kalila Aguilos, Beverly Salviejo, Melanie Dujungco, Bodjie Pascua and Jhong Hilario."

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I am definitely going to watch this... I salute you Director Chito Rono and the rest of the production team of "EMIR." You came up with a Filipino musical movie? WOW!

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  1. Ang galing ng "Emir"... I loved it! Francheska did a superb job even if she is just a newbie and the supporting actors and actresses were great! The songs are nice too =) I'm totally moved by the film.

    It's just sad that only a few Filipinos watched and appreciate this kind of show... we were only 6 people in the theater and the movie was only shown for a short time and in a few movie houses. If the DVD comes out, I'll give copies to some of my relatives abroad who will definitely appreciate watching it. Of course, I'll have a copy too =)